10 Musicians Who Wowed Us With Their Iconic Style

Part of being a star is having style. I mean c’mon, how many poorly dressed icons are out there? None! That’s because when you’re famous, there’s something about your fashion sense that becomes iconic. When you think of Kanye, you think of Adidas, and when you think of Joan Jett, you think of leather! Sometimes you don’t even realize it, but these stars invented these legendary looks.

1. Cam’ron
Known for his pink fluffy hats and pink silk tracksuits, Cam’ron made waves with his transition from the rapping world into the fashion industry. He runs his own clothing line labelled “Dipset USA” which was branded from his record label Diplomat Records. He has remained as one of the most iconic rappers to have embraced his sense of style over the decades, never letting the criticisms affect his unique fashion perspective. You do you, Cam’ron, and we’ll love it no matter what!


2. Kanye West
Of course, Kanye would be on this list, because of hello Yeezy, and all of his collaborations with huge brands like Adidas and Nike. His biggest market venture has definitely been the whole Yeezy line which has been received with glowing reviews and love from people all over the globe. Kanye basically does whatever he wants, which is the epitome of the fashion industry anyway!

yeezy kanye west

3. Joan Jett
Joan Jett made her face in the fashion world because of her distinct rock girl appearance: leather jackets, mullets, leather pants, and boots. Her position in the rock scene gave women of the confidence to dress rough and wild, and kicked off the trend of the leather. It was leather everywhere on and off stage for at least a decade.

joan jett

4. Kurt Cobain
Despite the iconic white lighter, Kurt Cobain made the grunge look ultra cool. Flannels, baggy jeans, and cardigan sweaters became the style of the 90’s; it affected not only his fans but anyone who was anyone wore his iconic look. He made it look effortless (which it probably was for him) but for many it was strategically bought items put together by looking at photos of Kurt, attempting to imitate this unknowing trendsetter.

kurt cobain

5. Grace Jones
Model, activist, and musician, Grace Jones is the queen of trends. Her striking features and angular body made her one of the best super models of all time, and one of the only women of color to make that title. Her vibrancy in both the fashion and music industries made her a worldwide name, with women aspiring to be just like her. She used her influence within the media to do good and instigate change for all minorities, which is why we will always love Grace Jones.

grace jones

6. Madonna
Madonna is a woman of every art known. She made the messy Barbie look a thing and basically redefined the fashion of the 80’s. Her look was big everything — hair, skirts, accessories, pants, shoes, absolutely everything you can think of — she made it even bigger. What makes Madonna such a trend setter is her ability to constantly be changing and moving. She’s always one step ahead of the curve!


7. Bob Marley
Bob Marley was the man who made dreadlocks and rasta wear a thing, and not necessarily a good thing. The amount of white guys with dreads that say “Bob Marley is my inspiration” have turned everything he worked for into something trivial and appropriative. However, at the time his style became an inspiration for many and paved the way for the whole rasta movement.

bob marley

8. The Beatles
These guys basically made having bowl cuts and mop hair do’s the sure thing for almost twenty years. This look remains around today and not for lack of trying to get rid of it! Their pop sensation swept over the world and their ridiculous hairstyles came with it. If nothing else they looked as if their mums had cut their hair with an actual bowl. We can’t hold it against them, but we can hold it over anyone who imitates this look in 2017.

the beatles

9. David Bowie
This man brought a whole new way of dressing into the public eye. He made platform shoes, dresses for men and flaming red mullets a thing that all designers craved. His stage presence was mesmerizing, mainly with the help of his outrageous appearance. Costumes that shocked audiences became the uniform for queer teens defying the societal conventions. His looks are still replicated today, proving just how much of a star he truly was.

david bowie

10. Gwen Stefani
Gwen was the style icon of the late 90’s and early 00’s with her bright colored hair, spaghetti straps, and camo jeans. She incorporated nearly every genre of fashion and made it into her own style. There was inspiration drawn from Kawaii and Harajuku culture which transformed the style of the millions of teenage girls. Although created with the best of intentions, Gwen did bring up some problematic issues surrounding cultural appropriation which were not necessarily addressed at the time. Despite this there is no doubt she infiltrated the fashion industry on almost every level.

gwen stefani

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