Amazon opens no checkouts – supermarkets

Amazon comes up with the revolutionary supermarket– with no checkouts and humans on Monday – Amazon Go, Seattle.

The store was being tested by its staff for a whole year.

The ceiling mounted cameras are arranged to recognize the shoppers and note all the items they pick up from each aisle.

This eliminates the need for billing, and the shoppers are directly billed to their credit cards.

Prior to entering the store – customers scan the Amazon Go smartphone app. Shelf-sensors add and delete the items to the bill as the customers pick the items or keep them back.

This store was opened for employees in December 2016. It took more time to open to the public due to issues faced incorrectly identifying the customers of similar body types, and customers keeping the products on different/wrong shelves.

The Amazon Go head Gianna Puerini said: “This technology didn’t exist – it was really advancing the state of the art of computer vision and machine learning.”

No information has been shared related to the opening of more such stores. This is an additional store separate from the chain – Whole Foods that was bought for USD 13.7 bn last year.

Retail store owners know that shoppers are more likely to become a frequent buyer if the purchases are quick and hassle-free. Skipping of the dreaded long billing queues would provide a huge advantage to them compared to their competitors.

Amazon’s first brick and mortar, a bookshop retail store was opened in 2015 in Seattle. It now has about 12 stores in the United States. These stores might not be churning profits, but as analysts suggest these are surely raising brand awareness and Amazon Prime membership.

Amazon chief financial officer, Brian Olsavsky, did recently hinted that customers can expect more Amazon shops in near future. “You will see more expansion from us – it’s still early, so those plans will develop over time,” he said in October.

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