Couple who lost wedding photos in bizarre circumstances recreated the big day around the word


A couple have created a unique wedding album – travelling the world and recreating snaps of their special day in 11 different countries after the original shots were lost.

Ché Dyer, from Mitcham in South London, has been photographed in exotic locations around the world, including the French Alps, Sydney, Australia, and the Kruger National Park.

She and husband Warren, 34, have also been pictured reliving their wedding in front of the Northern Lights and at a full moon party in Bali.

Pictures of the couple’s big day were lost when the photographer’s disc were attacked by a dog – leaving it so badly scratched that it was “unsalvagable”.

Ché, a yoga teacher, came up with the idea while at a music festival in Belgium.

The 32-year-old said: “I was pretty upset at not having any decent photos of us in our wedding kit, so I just decided to throw it out there as a dress up idea for a music festival we were going to.

“I casually joked to my husband that I was going to dress up in my wedding dress to get some wedding pictures.

“To my surprise he responded with, “cool, what should I wear?” So the first wedding dress adventures took place at the music festival.

“After having such fun at the music festival in our wedding kit, I joked with Warren that we should just keep doing this to make an ‘around the world wedding album’ to replace the one we never got.

“We took another two trips in our wedding gear to Amsterdam and the French Alps, which were fun but it was on our third trip to Seville Spain that we really made it a thing.”

The couple’s original wedding took place in 2013 in their former home of South Africa.

Ché said her custom-made dress had stood the test of time after being packed up on dozens of occasions but admitted to asking strangers for help when taking it on and off each time.

She said: “The first outing with the dress was hilarious because we had no idea what we were doing and how best to do it all.

“Changing into the wedding dress definitely isn’t a one-man job.

“The first time I put the dress on we realised that Warren had no idea how to do the whole thing up, so we had to ask two ladies who were looking on in amusement to help me get into my dress.

“Since then we have become quite ‘professional’ at carting around our wedding kit.

“We’ve discovered it rolls up pretty easily and clips to the outside of Warren’s backpack.

“I usually pack it into my suitcase when we fly and it takes up literally half my suitcase.”

Sarah added: “Although we will never be able to recreate all the amazing feelings of our actual wedding day, every time we put our wedding outfits on, it’s a little reminder of our commitment to each other and how we felt on that day.

“Our favourite shot from each place is now printed and hanging on our wall at home.

“In some ways I am grateful to not have had wedding photos as we now have an incredible growing wedding album around the world with many more amazing memories and locations and we always have a little reminder on every trip we take to take time to reconnect back to each other.”

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