Knoxville Biz Ticker: Healthcare Horizons Marks 25th, Celebrates $100M in Client Savings

Healthcare Horizons Marks 25th, Celebrates $100M in Client Savings

Healthcare Horizons Marks 25th Anniversary & Celebrates More than $100 Million in Client Savings

KNOXVILLE, TENN. (MAY 24, 2018) – Leaders of Healthcare Horizons Consulting Group, Inc., ( one of the most trusted and people-centered expert healthcare claims auditing firms in the nation, are marking the company’s 25th anniversary and celebrating the achievement of recovering more than $100 million for their clients since the organization’s founding.

“Every organization is looking for new sources of revenue, but some may not be fully aware that a healthcare claims audit by Healthcare Horizons can result in them having access to even more of their own money,” said Randy King, president of Healthcare Horizons Consulting Group, Inc. “When most people hear the term ‘audit’, they run the other way. Healthcare Horizons tackles the audit challenge full on because we love helping our clients discover money that can be returned right to their bottom line.

An affiliate of PYA, Healthcare Horizons provides 100% Difference healthcare claims audits designed to identify and correct claims errors that can account for one to three percent of an employer’s overall healthcare spending. They have recovered millions of dollars for some of the world’s largest self-insured employers, ranging from major retailers to local governments.

“Many organizations choose to self-insure their employees’ medical expenses to save money and maintain greater plan control by having a third-party administrator manage claims processing,” continued King. “But, one of the unintended consequences of self-insuring is that claims payers have no financial incentive to control costs, which may result in the overpayment or erroneous payment of employers’ claims.”

Since its founding, Healthcare Horizons has identified millions of dollars in recoveries for its clients, not including the potential savings over time by correcting systemic errors. Recovered claims are returned to the client’s bottom line, allowing a Human Resources department to directly contribute to a company’s bottom line performance and build the resilience needed to maintain benefits for employees for the long-term.

“Our clients trust us and know that we are committed to asking the right questions and protecting their financial interests,” King said. “We focus on all claims, but especially those that can really drain a client’s resources. Errors that may seem small to others can really add up when multiplied.”

“I formed PYA not to be the biggest, but to be the best. Similarly, Healthcare Horizons is the best,” said Ed Pershing, founder of PYA and Healthcare Horizons. “We have far advanced the idea of 100% claims auditing resulting in better expense control, and our reputation for accuracy and independence of thought is unmatched.”

Headquartered in Knoxville, Tenn., the company has built its reputation on its experience, expertise, excellent relationships with clients and third-party administrators, and commitment to uncompromising ethics and accuracy.

When its leaders look toward the next 10 years, they consider annual healthcare claims audits as one way to exercise a measure of control over skyrocketing healthcare costs.

“Every carrier makes mistakes, and it’s really the only industry where this level of errors is accepted and understood as part of it,” Pershing said. “The magnitude of the healthcare cost dilemma is great and high costs are on a growth path. Embracing the capability of claims auditing is one way to address one of the many variables in healthcare costs.”

For more information, visit Healthcare Horizons or write hhadmin(at)healthcarehorizons(dot)com to discuss a healthcare claims audit assessment.

West Bend Mutual Insurance Co comes to Tennessee

West Bend Mutual Insurance Company is now doing business in Tennessee with a variety of commercial insurance products sold through independent insurance agencies.

Based in West Bend, Wis, the company offers a full range of commercial products and services, insurance for specialty lines, bonds, and a monoline workers’ compensation product. At this time, a limited number of independent agencies have been appointed; however, the company plans to continue to expand into the marketplace.

Since 1971, the company has maintained an A (Excellent) or better rating from A.M. Best. In 2017, West Bend wrote $1.2 billion in annual premium volume.

45 local jobs available at Pilot Flying J

Pilot Flying J is hiring 5,000 nationwide this summer, including about 45 in its Knoxville-area travel centers and convenience stores, the company announced Wednesday.

These are full- and part-time seasonal jobs, which should last “well beyond Labor Day,” Sept. 3, according to the news release. Jobs include cashiers, restaurant staff and others.

To apply, go to or any Pilot Flying J location.

“We are always looking for team members who wake up excited to be part of our team and to deliver the experience our guests know and expect from us,” Paul Shore, vice president of talent acquisition, said in the announcement. “Our care and commitment to our team members originated 60 years ago as a small family-owned company by a Korean War veteran and we are proud to offer our team of over 27,000 employees a family-like work environment with great opportunities and benefits.”

Pilot Flying J employees, full- and part-time, have access to health insurance and other benefits.

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