Trump delays tariffs on car imports

tariffs on car

US President Donald Trump has delayed a decision on whether to impose tariffs on imports of cars and car parts.

The White House has put back the decision by six months to allow more time for trade talks with the European Union and Japan. Tariffs of up to 25% on imported cars and car parts were under consideration.

The Commerce Department had been looking into whether imports were detrimental to US national security. Its findings were not released.

However, in a statement the President said he agreed with the study’s finding that imported cars and trucks were “weakening our internal economy”.

The President has in the past taken an aggressive attitude towards cars made outside the US. In 2017, he warned car makers that if they built cars in Mexico for export to the US then they would attract a 35% tax.

Most of the major car firms have plants in Mexico and the industry has warned that tariffs would result in higher prices and threaten jobs in the US.

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