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Battle lines already being drawn on Kennedy’s successor

WASHINGTON (AP) — All sides are mobilizing in response to the retirement of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, promising a momentous confirmation battle for President Donald Trump’s next nominee to the high court.

Trump says he will start the effort to replace Kennedy “immediately” and will pick from a list of 25 names that he updated last year. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says the Senate will vote on Kennedy’s successor this fall.

Democrats argue that any decision should be put off until after midterm elections.

If Republicans unite behind Trump’s selection, Democrats can do little to stop it. Republicans have a 51-49 majority in the Senate, which changed its rules last year to allow a simple majority vote for Supreme Court confirmations.


Immigrant mom heads to court to get her son back

CHICAGO (AP) — A Brazilian mother is heading to court to demand her son be released from U.S. government custody after the two were separated at the Texas border a month ago.

Lidia Karine Souza filed a lawsuit on Tuesday against the Trump administration in U.S. District Court in Chicago.

Her lawyers say they are going forward despite a federal judge’s order Tuesday forcing the government to reunite immigrant families separated under a zero-tolerance policy within 30 days.

Souza says she spent weeks trying to regain custody of her son, Diogo. He was taken from her May 30 after she asked for asylum and sent to a shelter in Chicago. She was detained in Texas and released June 9.


Science Says: How family separation may affect kids’ brains

CHICAGO (AP) — Doctors have long known that separating families and other traumatic events can damage children’s well-being. More recent research has shed light on how that may happen.

Severe early adversity may cause brain changes and “toxic stress.” Persistent elevated stress hormones and inflammation may result in lasting health problems.

A “zero tolerance” immigration policy the Trump Administration announced this spring has resulted in 2,300 children being separated from adults they were traveling with. The government says they were sent to shelters and foster homes across the country.

The administration reversed the policy and has 30 days to reunite families, but it’s unclear whether it can meet that deadline.


Fire sweeps through market in Kenya’s capital, killing 15

NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — Kenyan media report that a fire has swept through a marketplace in Nairobi, killing 15 and sending 70 injured to hospitals.

Rescue teams are searching for more bodies and survivors in the market in Gitomba, a neighborhood in the capital city.


Chartered plane crashes in Mumbai; casualties unclear

MUMBAI, India (AP) — Indian police say a chartered plane belonging to a state government has crashed in a busy district of Mumbai, the country’s financial and entertainment capital.

They said it was not immediately known how many people were on board the aircraft or if there were casualties.

The crash took place Thursday in the busy Ghatkopar area of Mumbai.

Television images showed parts of the wreckage burning on the ground.


Move over UPS truck: Amazon delivery vans to hit the street

SEATTLE (AP) — Your Amazon packages, which usually show up in a brown UPS truck, an unmarked vehicle or in the hands of a mail carrier, may soon be delivered from an Amazon van.

The online retailer, wanting more control over how its packages are delivered, is rolling out a program Thursday that lets entrepreneurs in the U.S. launch businesses that deliver Amazon packages. They’ll be able to lease blue vans with the Amazon logo stamped on it, buy Amazon uniforms for drivers and get support from Amazon. In return, Amazon gets more ways to ship its packages to shoppers without having to rely on other package delivery services.

With these vans on the road, Amazon said more shoppers would be able to track their packages on a map, contact the driver or change where a package is left — all of which it can’t do if the package is in the back of a UPS or FedEx truck.


Moscow: Top US, Russian diplomats to meet before summit

MOSCOW (AP) — Moscow says the top Russian and U.S. diplomats are likely to meet to set the stage for a summit between President Vladimir Putin and U.S. President Donald Trump.

Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov is likely to meet with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo within two weeks. Ryabkov said in remarks carried by Russian news agencies Thursday that Moscow already has made a proposal regarding the specifics of the meeting and is waiting for Washington’s answer.

Trump told reporters that he’ll probably meet with Putin during a July trip to Europe. He mentioned Helsinki, Finland, and Vienna, Austria, as possible venues, adding that he would be receiving an update from his adviser, John Bolton, who visited Moscow Wednesday to lay the groundwork for the summit.


Kennedy retirement guaranteed to ratchet up midterm rhetoric

NEW YORK (AP) — A summer of heated political rhetoric is sure to see the temperature skyrocket now that the ideological balance of the Supreme Court is part of the debate ahead of midterm elections.

Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement is guaranteed to spark debate on virtually every hot-button social and cultural issue in American politics.

Democrats immediately felt flashbacks to the 2016 presidential election, when the tantalizing prospect of an open Supreme Court seat spurred some GOP voters to back Trump even if they found him personally objectionable.

Many Democrats have been optimistic about winning the House majority, if not the Senate. For Republicans, Kennedy’s retirement could fuel enthusiasm for GOP candidates and spur more campaign donations.


The Latest: Trump trumpets primary loss of Rep. Joe Crowley

FARGO, N.D. (AP) — President Donald Trump is trumpeting the primary loss of Democratic Rep. Joe Crowley of New York to a political newcomer.

But he says he’s happy that House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi and Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters of California will remain the faces of the Democratic Party.

Trump tells a rally crowd in Fargo, North Dakota, on Wednesday that one of his “biggest critics, a slovenly man, Joe Crowley, got his ass kicked by a young woman who had a lot of energy.”

Crowley’s loss was a shocking defeat. He’d been expected to be in the consideration for next speaker if Democrats retook the House in the November midterms.

Trump says he wants to “keep Nancy Pelosi right where she is with Maxine Waters” as the “face and mouthpiece” of the Democratic Party.

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